torsdag 12 oktober 2017

Meet the legion

The Varuna Legion is a PMC created by the Varuna interplanetary government as a supplement to its conventional armed forces, as with most legions its primary goal is to supply the army with experienced personnel, a legionnaire can after completing his or her contract apply for transfer and become an officer in the Varuna army or space navy. Therefore, training is emphasized and the Varuna legion is known for its crack troops. As maintaining a legion fighting in Combat carapace is very personnel intense it also serves as an important employer with many Varunian subcontractors. The Varuna interplanetary government is based on Varuna III in the Varuna system with colonies on the partially terraformed Varuna IV as well as a few colonies on Varuna V & VI.

The legionnaires fight in full body carapace, as this require extensive training recruits and inexperienced soldiers (Rifle infantry tier I-II) are equipped with body armour (inaccurate photos can be found on the blog due to lack in painted minis).

The legion has the doctrine rapid training methods, infantry units may take its first battle honour for 5 EXP instead of 10 EXP.

Due to a recent contract for personnel carriers the Legion can currently be very mobile and this grants the Legion the doctrine Rapid Relocation!

Varuna armor – Light patrol vehicles/jetbikes, Light tank S42 Hydra (will probably change model someday), and M5 Heavy patrol vehicle.

Tier I Recruits

Tier II Rookie Rifles

Tier III Regular rifles – Legionnaires

Legion Out

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