måndag 5 juni 2017

Lhurggian standoff

Last time we left while some of our heroes were on their way to a Unity administrator in New Eslöv, looking for work. The small group consisting of Cpt. Sargent, Corporal McIntosh and Dabby D were going thru the seedier part of the seedy town of New Eslöv when they when they suddenly heard an angry cry, a Lhurrgian battle cry! They had walked into Hanz Reynolds, older brother of Burt! He cried out for revenge for his brother who was now dead at the hands of the farmer.
With him he had two (really evil) goons, and so the two opposing crews lined up [old western music playing] and so they all drew their weapons and unleashed deadly volleys of lead and laser. Cpt Sargeant bailed after taking a salvo from Hanz rattlegun but not before inflicting a hit on Hanz, but as the tough three-headed Lhurgg he was he did not even flinch! Cpt Sargeant however got his nerves together and shot down the gigantic Lhurgg with his mighty fury rifle!

On both the flanks a lot of fire was traded but after Hanz was taken down it was clearly a losing battle for the goons and soon the both fled.

[Western music]
 Take cover!
Hanz meets his fate

All this fighting however meant that the group was late and as per Unity law 41-773 paragraph 783 subsection 3C they were immediately taxed and had to hand over 5 items from their armoury, mostly hand guns, some not operational...

Crew Gabriel managed to recruit a new member, The Wrench, a technician who has left a local tech guild looking for wealth... If the crew keeps expanding like their supplies will surely start to dry up and the cramped living conditions may cause friction and rivalries...

The crew also learned a lot about the local area this turn. The settlement of New Eslöv is controlled by the Oflon militia, which is the only form of government that exists around these parts. It takes its name from the valley, the Oflon Valley. They have just recently gone to war with the corporation Gemedia Inc, a former Consulting company that has left its home world after a bloody reclaiming campaign from Unity and set up shop here in the Oflon valley, now mostly focusing on electronics production, it controls the water flow in the two rivers in the valley, Oleg & Eleg.
Recent increases in electricity prices due to reduced flow in the Eleg, and the ensuing water shortage, has led to conflict with the Oflon Militia.

ID-10T played with some loaded dice and although he won he also made some enemies as he ripped of the Pirate gang Black beardz, he got out without a scratch to his plating, this time.

The group also looked-for work and found a new patron, an Alien renegade, Jazar Slipko, he wants the spokesperson for Gemedia Inc. and former war hero, Jude Adams dead!

Distress call!

When heading home from New Eslöv the group receive a distress call from a local farmer:

"This is Eric Walker of Qualin farm [Heavy breath] I´m under attack from bandits [Gun fire] DAMN YOU YOU M*****!! [Heavy gun fire].

The crew decide to check this out and heads there as it is very close.

Upon arriving they find a scene of carnage as several bandits are skulking about trying to out manoeuvre the old farmer, protecting the entrance to his mushroom cave. Cautious and suspecting a trap Cpt Sargeant sends Tippley, Elsa (the singer) and T2-M4 (all crew Öwall) down the left flank, himself and Martin L to the right and Corporal McIntosh with his hunting rifle climbs the central rock to find a good sniping position.

In the centre, the old man, holds off the bandits for several turns, even inflicting some casualties.

But he cannot hold out forever and outflanked he takes a hit and goes down.

The crew works their way up each flank, eliminating opposition wherever they find it. On the left flank Elsa brawls with one of the bandits she manages to jump from behind but fails miserably and is put out of action. Instead Tippley and T2-M4 takes on the bandits on the left flank and manages to kill them both after a prolonged exchange of fire and some brutal hand-to-hand combat.

On the right flank Martin L evaporated one bandit with his Blast pistol, this opened up the bandits flanks and Cpt Sargent annihilated the bandit leader with his powerful Fury rifle. With this the bandits were done for and retreated.

But what about Corporal McIntosh? He peeked out over the battlefield from atop the rock several times but was meet with guard fire and bailed every turn
The old farmer miracously survived, he thanked the crew for their help and gave them some medical supplies and an instruction manual, Martin L learned Intrusion. Elsa suffers moderate wounds and will be out for quite a few turns.

Crew Öwall recruited an ex-cop Jack Russel, a man who left a nameless industrial planet after the mafia killed his family, and he´s looking for revenge! The Öwall crew also recruited a goon.

Looking for work the crew managed to get an appointment with a Unity administrator and it is on their way there we leave our heroes...