måndag 5 juni 2017

The hunt for Burt Reynolds!

Upon receiving the mission to capture the notorious Burt Reynolds, the crew set about awakening the passengers in stasis (Crew of our friend Öwall).
They consist of:
Tippley - A former Star ship crew member looking to strike out on her own, seeking power over her own destiny. She´s adept at sneaking with the infiltrator talent.
Dabby D - A ganger from a research outpost looking for adventure. Rather ordinary. Joined the team as "Engineer".
Goat head priest - Former member of a religious cult, now working as a trader. Looking for revenge after his brother was slain by bandits.
T2-M4 - Servant droid to Goat head priests family, now follows and assists Goat head priest.
Left to right Goat head priest (ordinary human with mask), T2-M4, Tippley and Dabby D

The combined crew assembled a strike team consisting of
Cpt. Sargeant, Corporal McIntosh and ID-10T from crew Gabbe
Tippley, Goat head priest and T2-M4 from crew Öwall

An overview of the abandoned industrial area where Burt Reynolds hide. Sentries patrolling around the large factory building and a robot standing guard at the far side of the table.

Team Öwall took up positions on the other side of the factory building, stalking their victims. In the meantime, Corp. McIntosh climb up the crane (losing a grenade during the climb). Seeing a potential escape vehicle, he decides to squeeze the trigger of his hunting rifle and one of the guards bites the dust.

This is followed by a short exchange of fire with a second guard seeing Cpt Sargent bailing for cover before ID-10T steps in and guns the guard down.

ID-10T and Cpt Sargent take up positions to advance on the other side of the complex.

Meanwhile T2-M4 and Goat head priest take cover behind some crates but Goat head priest slips (or was he tripped?) and goes out of action!
Tipley exchanges fire and downs another guard, making the way forward clear, but is held of by the stentry droid for quite some time.

Burt (a Lhurrg!) tries to leg it and escape in the armoured car but can after some intense brawling be put down by ID-10T with help from Cpt Sargent and covered by Tippley and T2-M4, Victory!
When the dust settles it turns out Goat head priest have suffered light injuries, being forced to rest for a while.

The group hands Burt over to the farmers for an uncertain fate! They gain some rolls on the trade table gaining a grenade, some medical equipment and scrap. They also gain some fame for their bounty hunting skill and a new enemy, the gang the Wildcats!

In the ensuing campaign turn Crew Öwall recruited Elsa, a singer (artist) travelling the stars looking for a mirror and a watch. Crew Gabriel recruited Martin Luther DJ, a ganger who left his home planet after a religious experience looking for at faith.
Cpt. Sargent could finally leave the death of Bocca behind (#RememberBocca) and is no longer shaky (Rolling ascension on the Character table).
Venturing into the settlement New Eslöv recruiting, trading etc the group attracted the eyes of an enemy and they will soon be attacked by their enemies!

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