tisdag 30 maj 2017

5 parsecs from home - Crash landing

Joel here, commander of the Varuna legion, nemesis of the Sickles! A while back me and Gabriel (Gabbe) tried 5 parsecs from home, we kind of liked it but figured it would need a GM. Last week I got a sudden creative fit and created a campaign setting from which we have played two games.

The crew consists of six members.
Captain Sargeant* – Unity Agent renowned Sharpshooter motivated by Discovery
Bocca the Narcissist – Hulker
  Corporal McIntosh– Former Unity marine with combat armour and a Hunting rifle, is a Hacker and searches for Faith.

Miss Kiss - A Skilled Unity agent from a dystopian urban hellhole she left looking for romance.
Goon – After first game got name “Eggsy” and rolled background, having grown up at a Space station motivated by Discovery.
ID-10T – Working class Warbot from the Unity orphan program armed with a shotgun and a handgun

The first game (where no pictures were taken) saw the crew of the a repurposed science vessel, now a freighter of mostly legal goods under Captain Sergeant suffer engine failure midhyperdrive, they wound up in the Florin system having suffered both engine and hull damage, unable to start their Svensen drive to continue their journey. They were attacked by pirates as they had no way of escaping. Boarded by Captain Anna Greenskirt and her crew. An intense firefight ensued seeing one of the crewmembers, Bocca the Narcissist, die in a valiant charge trying to stop the pirate captain. The crew avenged their fallen comrade and soon all the pirates were dead.
The captain found some alien ascension drugs gaining a talent and some psionic power but became shaky, possibly due to the stress of lossing a member of the crew. After giving Bocca a space funeral the crew landed on the closest habitable planet, Florin-9N.

Florin-9N is a dry planet, marked by Unity as colonisable but attraction has been weak. The equator is covered by a belt of salt deserts unable to sustain life, all known settlements are in the northern hemisphere. The planet seems to have been colonised by another spacefaring race only to be abandoned, these mystic forerunners seems to have left the semi-sentient Lhurrgs which can be found living in nomadic clans on Florin-9N.

Not wanting to risk being impounded the crew landed the ship a bit from a settlement but this also proved problematic as the landing of a large spaceship caused some mushroom tunnels to collapse so the crew was greeted by some local farmers demanding compensation.

They want the crew to capture the notorius fugitive Burt Reynolds!

From left to right Corporal McIntosh, Cpt Sergeant, Miss Kiss, Goon (Eggsy), Bocca, ID-10T

*Intented spelling, apparently real last name.

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