onsdag 2 november 2016

Sickles, game 4 - A House Too Far

So, the fourth game of the adventures captain Staya began.

Once again should the (victorious) Varuna Legion face the Order of the Twin Sickles. This time thou, the battle became a Priority 1, Tier 1 battle, so only low tier units was able to be fielded.

In a true pseudo-neo-communist spirit the Sickles has "convinced" a foreign species, the Lhurgg, to battle with them (Tier I units). The objective was to hold a building of (some) importance while fending off the attacking Varuna Legion. Due to the latest... setbacks... the Sickles now has imported drones to the cause, alongside the somewhat brave and daring Lhurgg.

The Lhurgg! Guarding the so important building.
The Sickles took up positions, with:

  • 2 irregulars (Tier 1, assault troops).
  • 2 recruits (Tier 1, rifle infantry) whereof 1 as a drone unit.
  • 2 light patrol vehicles (Tier 1, combat vehicle) as drone units

The Varuna legion was attacking with:

  • 1 light MG section (tier 1, light support troops)
  • 3 recruits (Tier 1, rifle infantry).
  • 1 irregulars (Tier 1, assault troops), with a level! They had "Adrenaline Rush", which makes them activate twice once per game.

Game on!

Drone unit in the east, this is the unit Beeping Brawlers!

The Lhurgg units Brood Bloods (unpainted) and Hard Hoofs in the north. With the drones Mikoyan and Gurevich. 
In the main building, in the middle of map, the Kicking Kepis led by captain Staya hold their position. Banner held high!
Two units from Veruna Legion approach from the north.

Veruna Legion in the south. This is the Red Skulls Assault Team, with Adrenaline Rush. Scary indeed!
Turn 1 and 2
Not much action, mostly taking up positions.
Mikoyan and Gurevich takes position to the north, behind some huge crates (left side of picture) while Hard Hoofs occupies a bunker, with their assault rifles... hmm...
Turn 3
Reinforcements in the south. On the left hand side the MG section sets up.
Red Skulls Assault Team move in for the kill! With their Adrenaline Rush they rushed to cover and destroyed droids, one at the time. Beeping Brawlers, possession no emotions (still not self aware), still fled from the scary figures of flesh and bone while losing four friendly robots. Luckily, droids are somewhat immune to long term morale effect due to being Determined. Other than that, all other units was still getting into positions. The Veruna Legion waited for reinforcements and the Sickles couldn't find any opportunities for counterattack.
Getting ready for assaulting Beeping Brawlers in the east! The foam and cork made excellent cover!
In the south, Veruna Legion sent a recruit unit into/onto the building.
Hard Hoofs leaves the bunker, trying to flank the MG section. Kicking Kepis in the middle scores a devastating hit on the recruits who just took up position in the south building. The Veruna Legion MG squad fires back at no effect. Captain Staya cheers and waves his banner and farts in Joels general direction! In the north, Brood Bloods makes an counterattack!

Black cubes are activated units, white are broken units and red are suppressed. Tiny black dices shows suppression points.
Turn 4
Remember the counterattack in the north? Well, it failed.
Irregulars can't take that much beating. Getting pounded soon.
"We have no choice, captain Staya! Our Lhurgg can't repel firepower of that magnitude!" - Brood Bloods, before hoofing away.
Remember that counterattack in the south? Well, it failed. No hits and when the MG section returned fire it was bye bye beyond repair. The Lhurggs has failed me, but not for the last time!
Speaking of repairs, the Beeping Brawlers drone unit, alongside the sniping Kicking Kepis turned their gun barrels and rifles towards the Red Skulls, scoring many hits despite the cover of foam and cork. Nice! Back to where they came from; the table edge!

Turn 5 and 6
Beeping Brawlers, filled with joy and pride (metal, circuits and the like), got to cocky and launched themselves to avenge Hard Hoofs miserably attack, and as a result of that joined Hard Hoofs in their disarray. Retreating from the scary MG section. Pew pew. In the north a stalemate occurred. Gurevich and Mikoyan couldn't launch an attack without support, and the all ready, always prepared Joel had positioned his units out of reach from the heroic Kicking Kepis. With most of my units having fleed the battlefield the Sickles was routed, again!

Next time Joel... (maybe) next time...
With the banner held high, captain Staya and his trusty dog Stoy evacuates the battlefield. Kicking Kepis were happy to survive more than one game round for once! Feat. turn die.
"Requesting evac pronto for seven troopers, six droids and a dog!" - Captain Staya

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  1. Good to see that someone found that long dead game and play it.few years ago i did this same.now i have around 200 minis from o8 in basement.btw great blog

    1. We found the game this summer, when we were looking for a fast, simple yet tactical 155mm game that allowed company-sized battles. Guess we found it! We tried Gruntz and read some other rule system but wasn't really caught. What do you play now?

  2. Hard to say...but mostly 9th age now since the gw killd wfb.but sometimes we play in mordheim or necromunda ,few guys enjoy with aos shit thing.it depends...the 15mm size is not much popular lastly in my city.in my opinion the most important thing in this hobby is to have other ppl to sit talk and play,to do something together.in my local club no1 want to hear something about 15mm wargames so i am alone now.

    1. Yeah, I feel you! It's the same here, that no one wants to play 15mm, but me and my friend Joel did it anyway! Although I heard some rumor that some guys in the community bought some 15mm Halo miniatures. Maybe I can persuade them... ;)