tisdag 1 november 2016

Sickles, recap game 1-3

Me (Gabriel) and Joel have been playing some games of PMC2640 now, and after some games we started a campaign to maximize the experience. Well, in the future we would like to be some more players and maybe tailoring a more narrative campaign (I volunteer as Umpire and tribute!).

Anyway, the Sickles (my company) have been facing some real tough resistance in this contract zone. Prior to the fourth battle the company has lost one... two... okey, three times!

Meeting engagement, game 1. Got surrounded and butchered. At a critical point, and maybe a turning point, I activated the "Not a step backwards!" company skill, but "encouraged" my troopers a bit to much, those that were left was very motivated to run away (and is now a retired unit)! Captain Staya sure is fierce! I lost my walker too, and a mortar section :( Always in my heart. </3

Invasion, game 2. Sickles were defending while Joels company, the Varuna Legion, was embarking on the landing zones. The Sickles got no reinforcements to push back the invaders until game round 6 or something, which also was the first turn that the Sickles managed to score their first hit! At round 6?! One of game breaking events was the "1 turn in game" for the unit High Hats (which is now retired due to battle trauma...).

Attrition, game 3. The Sickles succeded to actually kill an enemy unit, and for the first game even killed more troopers than was being lost. But Joel outsmarted me, once again. I lost again, but for once I wasn't routed! Things are turning! Times are changing! Slowly. Lost some units too, again. My unit "Ataka Away" was the killing unit, my best unit (my only Tier III unit)! <3

Some of the units I've bought. Work in progress, mind you.

In total of five games (I haven't written the reports for game 4 and 5 yet), counts:
  • 7 lost or disbanded units, whereof two vehicles. Have killed 2 units, one vehicle (both by my Tier III unit, Ataka Away).
  • The company has 9 Tier I units, 3 Tier II units and 1 Tier III unit at the momemt.
  • The company has killed 18 troopers, while lost 36 so far...
  • The economy of the company is at... 0 kUC (kilo Universal Credits). But who needs money? I just stick with my five year plan...

Stay tuned, and za Sickles!

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